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Meet the new $10 WATER BOBBLE designed by Karim Rashid

We love stylish, ecofriendly, functional, durable, high quality products… and these new WATER BOBBLES fit the description perfectly. Just introduced and featured in this month’s “O” magazine (leave it to Oprah to tell the world about all the best products!), we’ve fallen in love with reusable water bottles… uh, bobbles…. all over again.

Water Bobble

Brand new Water Bobble reusable water bottles designed by Karim Rashid at http://www.brightandbold.com


The best parts about the Water Bobble? That’s easy:

1. BPA Free and made from 100% recycled plastic, which means at the end of their useful life, they can be recycled again… genius

2. 100% MADE IN THE USA water bottle – this alone is extremely hard (if not impossible) to find in a reusable water bottle of any kind these days

3. A stylish curvy design that makes it easy to hold, carry, and the perfect size for most thirsts

4. Feature a carbon filter inside which works for 300 refills to filter out toxins in the water, and make plain old city tap water actually taste good… which means you’ll drink more and be healthier, and save money as compared to buying nasty disposable water bottles for $1 each+ and tossing the bottles in the landfill afterwards.

5. They are priced at a very affordable $10 (for our 4 day sale – and $12 each afterwards… always with free shipping)

6. Available in 6 different colors, and since the colored part is the filter, if you get tired of the color you picked, the next time you replace your filter, just pick a different color – a great way to add variety!

If you need any more reasons to fall in love with the Water Bobble like we have, just give us a call toll free at 1-877-363-4801, or browse the site: http://www.brightandbold.com.  We love to talk about our Bobbles! If the Water Bobble isn’t your thing and you prefer aluminum water bottles or stainless reusable water bottles, we have oodles of those to pick from, too!


Easy Way To Go Green: Earth Hour 2010

While we strongly believe that it’s important to take daily steps to go green a little more with each passing day, events like tonight’s Earth Hour help to promote the concept on a worldwide scale. The premise is simple – around the world, at 8:30 pm local time tonight, turn your lights out to help support the cause of conserving Mother Nature’s resources. Whether at work or home, malls or restaurants, many areas will observe this green event by using candlelight rather than electricity, and turning off televisions, computers, appliances, radios, etc… for a one hour period. Use it as a time to reconnect with family by reading stories by candlelight, singing songs around a campfire, or just enjoying the relaxation of the darkness to catch a few extra winks of sleep.

If you want other easy ways to go green beyond Earth Hour, try these:

1. Buy a set of reusable shopping bags and keep them in your vehicle, pocket or purse so you always have them handy when needed at the store. Skip the cheap wasteful disposable plastic or paper bags the store provides and bring your own bags every time you shop.

2. Invest in a high quality stainless water bottle in lieu of buying cases of bottled water and tossing the plastic bottles after use. Many people believe they are green by refilling those plastic bottles, however there are health hazards which have been identified in recent surveys, including exposure to BPA, as well as bacterial issues. Using a durable stainless steel water bottle for water or other liquids and carrying it with you means you won’t need to pay for free tap water, you’ll have control of cleaning your own bottle and you’re more likely to drink lots more liquids each day, increasing your health at the same time.

3. Purchase energy efficient appliances and be aware of which gadgets suck the most energy in your home. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

4. Keep your fridge and freezer stocked to maintain the most energy efficient use.

5. Walk or bike whenever possible to conserve on gas, and when you do need to drive, plan your trips ahead of time to run multiple errands at the same time. It will save you time and money.

These are just a few simple ways you can go green in 2010 and beyond. Start here and you’ll be back looking for more advanced green tips before you know it.

How To Clean A Reusable Bottle

SIGG Bottle Cleaning BrushWe have many customers ask the question “What is the BEST way to clean my stainless reusable bottle  I just bought?”

Here is our recommendation for cleaning reusable water bottles, whether stainless or coated aluminum:

1. DO NOT use a dishwasher. The temperature is too hot & the water pressure is too high. The combination will weaken seams (causing small leaks down the road) & wear away at the nontoxic outer color and/or bottle design. Also, DO NOT use dishsoap as many brands will leave a soapy tasty residue in your bottle which is difficult to remove.


2. DO hand wash the reusable bottle to maximize life. Simply fill the bottle with clean lukewarm water and either a teaspoon of baking soda OR a few drops of vinegar. Put your thumb over the mouth of the bottle and shake for 10 seconds. Rinse the bottle out with clear water several times. Let the bottle air dry.

3. If you drink sticky liquids from your bottle (i.e. soda, juice or sugared drinks) and need to clean the crevices and seams well, buy a bottle cleaning brush (be sure to purchase a set with large & small brushes so you can reach into both the bottle as well as clean the crevices of the sport cap with the small brush). It’s best to fill the bottle 1/3 way with water and use the brush, then do step #2 above and rinse. This will assure all gook you remove with the brush is sanitized and washed away.

Although it seems time consuming, once you get the hang of it, cleaning your reusable bottle will only take seconds each day, and it will ensure a sanitized, healthy vessel to carry your liquids in. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

We now offer over 80 different styles of stainless & aluminum reusable bottles with various sizes & designs to fit every need. We carry reusable bottle brands including SIGG, EarthLust, Klean Kanteen, Green Bottle, EcoUsable, EcoFusion, Safe Sippy and Wild & Wolf.