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Stapler That Needs No Staples? How Green!

The best part about people recognizing the need to be more conscious of the footprint they leave behind (other than saving the world, obviously), is the innovative products and ideas which are coming from this newly heightened awareness of how our actions directly impact the world around us. Whoever thought you could power a vehicle by pouring in used french fry oil? Power entire cities just by harnessing the movement of a windmill? Eliminate miles of waste by simply reusing bags instead of getting new ones everywhere?

Staple-Free Stapler from BrightandBold.com

Staple-Free Stapler from BrightandBold.com

Part of the 3 R’s we hear so much about (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), is reducing the amount of “things” we use, and even though staples may seem like a small “thing” to reduce, why not? We have to begin somewhere, right? Now a new and innovatively designed Staple-Free Stapler has been introduced, which utilizes a snip-and-tuck design so it needs no staples, it simply uses the little tab it cuts in the paper to fold it back upon itself to securely hold up to 5 pieces of paper together. For typical offices, 70% of the time, you end up stapling a few sheets, so this is a perfect cost-saving AND waste-saving solution. And the added benefit? No more poking yourself with errant staples or stepping on the ones you’ve dropped on the floor.

Verdict: We LOVE it, and it’s now available at www.BrightandBold.com! The Staple-Free Stapler is available in 3 colors: silver, black or blue, it is less than $10 and a great stocking stuffer for the gadget lover and eco-friendly person on your list… or yourself!