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Gadgets + Toys = Fun!

There are certain toys every child of an era seems to have played with, whether Hot Wheels,  Cabbage Patch Kids, or simple marble games. When we grow up, we tend to leave the toys and games behind us for more serious and pressing matters which need our attention. Our gadgets become grown-up, too. But, who says we need to leave behind the fun of childhood once we’ve passed our summer vacation years?

Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive

Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive

BrightandBold.com now introduces an adult gadget combined with the design of pure childhood fun – the Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive. We all built towers of glory with multicolored plastic lego pieces of all shapes and colors. In this design, a lego-style piece is used to house a 1 GB USB Flash Drive Stick. Fun for the office, school or home, it works like a charm and makes a fun conversation piece. A unique office gadget for a coworker, or a trendy gift for a grad off to school. Available in black, red or pink, this Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive would make a great stocking stuffer this year. (NOTE: This item is not made by or affiliated with Lego Brand)

To read more about it, visit: http://www.brightandbold.com/lestusbfldr.html