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Envirosax Blowout Sale: $28/pouch & FREE Shipping!

We love our Envirosax reusable bags, and it’s time to share the love with all of our loyal customers who come back over and over to buy Envirosax pouches for family, friends, teachers, bus drivers, neighbors….. you get the idea. Sharing stylish reusable grocery bags helps everyone be a little greener, and we want to make it easy for you to find an excuse to gift some eco love to everyone around you.

Introducing our 6 DAY ONLY ENVIROSAX SALE – going on today through Sunday, March 7, 2010.  Choose from 9 popular Envirosax bags styles and get them for only $28/set, along with FREE SHIPPING when you enter Coupon Code: ENV28 during checkout!

Envirosax Sale

Enjoy the green hues of our Envirosax Botanica or Envirosax Planet Green styles if you love nature. Sophistication rules with our Envirosax Mikado and Envirosax Candy bags. If color isn’t your thing, you’ll love our black and white Envirosax Monochromatic or Envirosax Midnight Safari sets. For the animal lovers in the bunch, don’t forget about our adorable Envirosax Animal Planet. The guys will finally cave into reusable bags when they use our manly Envirosax Oxford. And for soda lovers everywhere, Envirosax Pepsi is sure to make you go “ahhhhhh”.

Envirosax Botanica


Introducing Envirosax Botanica!

We’ve grown to love the Envirosax brand of reusable bags, and each new style they design seems better than the last. Just in time for the holidays, they’ve introduced the newest in the graphic series… Envirosax Botanica.

Envirosax Botanica from BrightandBold.com

Envirosax Botanica from BrightandBold.com

Envirosax Botanica are a tribute to sustaining the rainforests around the world, educating people about the importance of the rainforests in the lifecycle process, and simply enjoying the raw beauty of nature itself.

Botanica features leaf and tree designs in shades of greens, with blue and gray accents, the set includes 5 bags and each bag holds over 40 pounds, or the equivalent of two plastic grocery bags. A great way to save the planet and go green, buying reusable bags allows you to save hundreds of plastic bags from the landfill every year.

Order your set of Envirosax Botanica today at www.BrightandBold.com/enbo.html and get Free Priority Shipping! For Envirosax Coupons, visit www.BrightandBold.com/envirosax.html.