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Introducing Envirosax Botanica!

We’ve grown to love the Envirosax brand of reusable bags, and each new style they design seems better than the last. Just in time for the holidays, they’ve introduced the newest in the graphic series… Envirosax Botanica.

Envirosax Botanica from BrightandBold.com

Envirosax Botanica from BrightandBold.com

Envirosax Botanica are a tribute to sustaining the rainforests around the world, educating people about the importance of the rainforests in the lifecycle process, and simply enjoying the raw beauty of nature itself.

Botanica features leaf and tree designs in shades of greens, with blue and gray accents, the set includes 5 bags and each bag holds over 40 pounds, or the equivalent of two plastic grocery bags. A great way to save the planet and go green, buying reusable bags allows you to save hundreds of plastic bags from the landfill every year.

Order your set of Envirosax Botanica today at www.BrightandBold.com/enbo.html and get Free Priority Shipping! For Envirosax Coupons, visit www.BrightandBold.com/envirosax.html.


Stapler That Needs No Staples? How Green!

The best part about people recognizing the need to be more conscious of the footprint they leave behind (other than saving the world, obviously), is the innovative products and ideas which are coming from this newly heightened awareness of how our actions directly impact the world around us. Whoever thought you could power a vehicle by pouring in used french fry oil? Power entire cities just by harnessing the movement of a windmill? Eliminate miles of waste by simply reusing bags instead of getting new ones everywhere?

Staple-Free Stapler from BrightandBold.com

Staple-Free Stapler from BrightandBold.com

Part of the 3 R’s we hear so much about (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), is reducing the amount of “things” we use, and even though staples may seem like a small “thing” to reduce, why not? We have to begin somewhere, right? Now a new and innovatively designed Staple-Free Stapler has been introduced, which utilizes a snip-and-tuck design so it needs no staples, it simply uses the little tab it cuts in the paper to fold it back upon itself to securely hold up to 5 pieces of paper together. For typical offices, 70% of the time, you end up stapling a few sheets, so this is a perfect cost-saving AND waste-saving solution. And the added benefit? No more poking yourself with errant staples or stepping on the ones you’ve dropped on the floor.

Verdict: We LOVE it, and it’s now available at www.BrightandBold.com! The Staple-Free Stapler is available in 3 colors: silver, black or blue, it is less than $10 and a great stocking stuffer for the gadget lover and eco-friendly person on your list… or yourself!

Welcome to our Style Blog!

Welcome to the BrightandBold.com Style Blog, where we share a window into the world of retail – trends, colors, styles and more. We’d love to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us a little better, and understand the background behind the information we plan to share.

www.BrightandBold.com is an established online retail store headquartered in Southeastern Wisconsin, USA. Our main focus is offering our customers unique, fun & colorful items they won’t find at their local big box stores, along with a wide selection of eco-friendly green items for everyone to help the environment, whether you’re an established “tree hugger” or a beginner looking for little changes you can make. Providing a fun adventure in online shopping, allowing the customers to browse the aisles and share in our passion for style, with an eye to affordable design and environmental responsibility are keystones of our business.

We carry a wide variety of products, including eco-friendly gifts, reusable bags, reusable bottles, kitchen gadgets, fashion accessories, handmade jewelry, stylish flat wallets, purse organizers, eco-friendly lighting, shaped pillows, custom christmas stockings, pet gifts and much more.

Brands we carry include both famous designers as well as indie artists. Some of our current brands include: Envirosax, Klean Kanteen, SIGG, Safe Sippy, EarthLust, Chico Bags, EnV Bags, Kristine Accessories, Zad, Ducti, Purseket, Umbra, EcoUsable, and Loudermilk Designs.  

Customer Service is a top priority and our reputation is phenomonal, as we have an extremely low return rate among our customers, and customer satisfaction is over 99%. We offer FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING on all products, and newsletter subscribers also enjoy exclusive discounts and coupon codes.

Now that you know a little more about us, we’d love to hear about you! Tell us about the shops you love and why, provide product and website suggestions to help us improve, and feel free to come back and provide product reviews for items you have purchased from us. We love to talk with our friends and we look forward to meeting more of you via our blog updates and comments.

Without further adieu, please stop by to visit us at www.BrightandBold.com, then come back and post!