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Happy Earth Day with Envirosax Coupons!

We’re excited to announce 2 brand new Envirosax styles – Envirosax Planet Green & Envirosax Animal Planet, just in time for Earth Day!

Use Coupon Code SAVE15 now through April 30, 2009 to save 15% off these Envirosax and everything else in your order, including FREE SHIPPING with no minimum order. Shop at http://www.brightandbold.com to enjoy the discount and envirosax coupons.

Envirosax Planet Green is a mellow geometric design in beautiful shades of greens, aquas and muted tones for an understated reusable bag style.


Envirosax Animal Planet is a new direction for the reusable bag designs, offering a variety of animal features on the various bags in the set, including cat, dog, butterfly, honey bee and bird. Beautiful rich colors and personality abound in this design.