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Election Day 08 Style

The day has finally come for Election 08, the time to choose our next presidential predecessor, so be sure today to GET OUT AND VOTE! Typically, lines at polling places can stretch out during busy periods, and many Americans are allowed time off from work to register their vote. While you’re waiting in those long lines, it’s common to analyze fashion and style of your fellow voters.

Rhinestone Vote Necklace from BrightandBold.com

Rhinestone Vote Necklace from BrightandBold.com

This year, our Vote Necklace was a very popular item and don’t be surprised to see a few being worn at your local polling place! If you didn’t get one in time for this election, have no fear, there will always be future elections, and wearing a cute Rhinestone Vote Necklace is sure to make the long lines just melt away!

Rhinestone Vote Necklace features a 16″ long silver chain with adjustable lobster clasp and tilted 1.5″ rhinestone VOTE pendant. Free Shipping included.