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BPA-Free Sippy Cups: Say Hello To Safety

Over the past year, the topic of Bisphenol-A (BPA) used in plastics, bottles and food containers has confused many. What is safe? What isn’t safe? What happens if I’ve been drinking from these containers for years? Although many tests have been conducted, the results have been questioned, and research continues. In the meantime, several countries have now banned the use of BPAs and millions of consumers are searching for alternatives.

Introducing The Safe Sippy, a BPA-free Stainless Steel Sippy Cup for toddlers and children that is a great alternative to plastic. Durable in construction, stylish in design, it comes in your choice of 3 colors: pink, green, or blue. Made of stainless steel and #5 safe polypropylene (for the handle and sippy), the handle is removable as the child gets older so the bottle can still be used and not look quite as toddler-ish.

The Safe Sippy Cup

The Safe Sippy Cup

Although there are many BPA-free Bottles on the market for adults, there are few designed for the age between baby bottle and adult version, so keep in mind The Safe Sippy, which passes all federal regulations for safety, and wins a design award in our book!