Free Money $$$ included in every wallet purchase!

OK guys… we’ve pulled out all the stops and today is the 1st day of a GREAT 5-day promo featuring all of the stylish flat wallets in our store… for the next 5 days, just add any wallet to the shopping cart and use the coupon code FREEMONEY during checkout.

In EVERY wallet we ship you, we’ll add a random $$$ bill – could be a $1, $5, $10, or $20 bill – and if you’re lucky enough to get a $20, it means your wallet could be FREE! Don’t miss it – one of our funkiest promos yet and they’re flying out the door quickly – shop for flat wallets today!

Kristine flat wallets


Back by popular demand, our semi-annual GRAB BAG SALE is back!

envirosax grab bag sale

Your choice of a $25 grab bag or $40 grab bag, and both start with a stylish reusable Envirosax bag (randomly selected), then filled with lots of brand new goodies in your choice of 4 themes: ecofriendly, kitchen/home, fashion or travel. Retail value of the $25 grab bag is $50+, and the $40 grab bag is worth $80+… both include FREE SHIPPING, so get yours today before our limited supply has sold out!

Our customers have told us they LOVE our grab bags for great holiday gifts and cheap stocking stuffers… they take out the items they love, and give away those which would be perfect gifts for someone they know… and they always get a great value.

Follow the links and get your ENVIROSAX GRAB BAGS today!

Introducing Envirosax Halloween Bags!

Envirosax Halloween Pumpkin BagWe are so excited to introduce our brand new ENVIROSAX HALLOWEEN BAGS for all of those faithful Envirosax lovers. Now you can share the style and durability of regular Envirosax bags with kids at trick-or-treat time, while you teach them about reusing and recycling – being GREEN, not just ORANGE at Halloween!

We have a very limited number of 4 styles of Envirosax Halloween Bags: Envirosax Pumpkin Bag, Envirosax Pink Cat Bag, Envirosax Haunted House Bag, and Envirosax Three Pumpkin Bag, and for a limited time, each are only $9.95 each with free shipping (reg $12.95). The designs are cute, and the bags roll up and snap shut just like the regular Envirosax bags. Designed for use by both adults and kids, they are durable and water resistant, easy to wipe clean (from all of those sticky fingers after eating candy!), and each bag holds up to 44 pounds of weight (hopefully you don’t get THAT much candy or your dentist will be the one having all the fun…).

Order your Envirosax Halloween Bags today (no coupon needed), while supplies last!

Don’t Look Now But You Probably Have BPA in your Purse

There has been a recent wave of media concerning the presence of harmful BPA (bisphenol A) in plastics and water bottles, and hopefully by now you’ve been smart and switched over to bpa-free stainless water bottles or glass drinking bottles. And now there is a new BPA source which is just being exposed…

If you save stacks of receipts from your purchases, you may be storing piles of BPA and not even know it. Now, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) says some tested receipts from stores such as Safeway, Walmart, McDonalds, Whole Foods, US Postal Service and KFC also contained high BPA levels which could be harmful to your health with excessive handling (receipts from Target and Starbucks tested clear of BPA). 

According to the EWG, BPA reacts with dye on receipts and thermal paper to form what appears to be ink, even though it’s actually a dye reaction. Experts say that what is worrisome is that receipts are handled all the time by most of the public. Although slight contact may not be a major issue, those who handle receipts as part of their job should be conscious of washing their hands more frequently.

You can check to see if your receipts could contain BPA by rubbing it with a coin. Thermally treated BPA receipts will discolor when friction is applied, whereas regular paper will not. Experts say awareness is the biggest factor; if you are aware the receipts contain BPA, then avoid excessive handling and if you need to save the receipts, file them away and do not keep them in your purse or areas where you will continually be handling them when it isn’t necessary.

BPA has been proven to contribute to heart disease, diabetes and other developmental issues in children.

$29 Envirosax 5pk Pouches with Free Shipping – 5 days only

From now through July 31, 2010, you can grab our popular Envirosax 5pk pouches in 6 great styles: mikado, candy, planet green, oxford, pepsi or midnight safari; for only $29 per pouch (reg $37.95) with Free shipping!

Envirosax make great hostess gifts, and are super functional for everyone, including newlyweds, grads off to college, seniors who are difficult to buy for… basically, anyone who shops for food or goodies!

Order yours today with free shipping by entering coupon code ENV29 in our super duper Envirosax Sale

Love Russian Nesting Doll Matryoshkas? Cook with Ours!

If you love traditional Russian folk art, you’ve probably seen plenty of styles of Russian Matryoshkas Nesting Dolls… but we’ve put a whole new twist on them!

M-Cups Russian Nesting Doll Measuring Cups

We introduce you to our M-Cups Russian Nesting Doll Measuring Cups, which stack and nest in a stylish compact traditional way on your countertop within easy reach, then pull apart into a variety of sizes of measuring cups for a handy helper when cooking or baking.

Our customers have told us they’ve been looking for a stylish set of countertop measuring cups they can keep out and handy when needed, and we’ve answered with these popular 5″ tall M-Cups.

You can learn more about our M-Cups Russian Nesting Doll Measuring Cups or other Kitchen Gadgets at our website,

Envirosax Sale: FREE Minisax or Slingsax with Order

For 4 days only, we’re introducing our popular new Envirosax Minisax and Envirosax Slingsax with a Blowout Sale –

GET A FREE Minisax (value $7.95) with any $35+ order from, or a FREE Slingsax (value $14.95) with any $65+ order. A great way to buy the new Envirosax styles with free shipping, and be one of the first customers to grab our brand new Minisax or Slingsax bags.

The Envirosax Minisax bag is offered in 3 styles – flowers, leaf or stripes, and functions as a fun lunchbag or reusable gift bag. It’s basically a mini Envirosax bag, and still folds up for compact storage.

Envirosax Minisax Flowers

The Envirosax Slingsax bag is also offered in 3 styles – flowers, leaf or stripes, and has long adjustable handles you tie at the top so you can make it hang high or low, and you wear it across your body as a messenger bag when you like to be hands free (think grocery store, farmers market, flea market, library, etc…)

Envirosax Slingsax Flower

We have a limited inventory of these in stock since they’re so new – so grab yours FREE today during our exclusive 4 DAY SALE!