Introducing Envirosax Halloween Bags!

Envirosax Halloween Pumpkin BagWe are so excited to introduce our brand new ENVIROSAX HALLOWEEN BAGS for all of those faithful Envirosax lovers. Now you can share the style and durability of regular Envirosax bags with kids at trick-or-treat time, while you teach them about reusing and recycling – being GREEN, not just ORANGE at Halloween!

We have a very limited number of 4 styles of Envirosax Halloween Bags: Envirosax Pumpkin Bag, Envirosax Pink Cat Bag, Envirosax Haunted House Bag, and Envirosax Three Pumpkin Bag, and for a limited time, each are only $9.95 each with free shipping (reg $12.95). The designs are cute, and the bags roll up and snap shut just like the regular Envirosax bags. Designed for use by both adults and kids, they are durable and water resistant, easy to wipe clean (from all of those sticky fingers after eating candy!), and each bag holds up to 44 pounds of weight (hopefully you don’t get THAT much candy or your dentist will be the one having all the fun…).

Order your Envirosax Halloween Bags today (no coupon needed), while supplies last!


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