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Envirosax Sale: FREE Minisax or Slingsax with Order

For 4 days only, we’re introducing our popular new Envirosax Minisax and Envirosax Slingsax with a Blowout Sale –

GET A FREE Minisax (value $7.95) with any $35+ order from, or a FREE Slingsax (value $14.95) with any $65+ order. A great way to buy the new Envirosax styles with free shipping, and be one of the first customers to grab our brand new Minisax or Slingsax bags.

The Envirosax Minisax bag is offered in 3 styles – flowers, leaf or stripes, and functions as a fun lunchbag or reusable gift bag. It’s basically a mini Envirosax bag, and still folds up for compact storage.

Envirosax Minisax Flowers

The Envirosax Slingsax bag is also offered in 3 styles – flowers, leaf or stripes, and has long adjustable handles you tie at the top so you can make it hang high or low, and you wear it across your body as a messenger bag when you like to be hands free (think grocery store, farmers market, flea market, library, etc…)

Envirosax Slingsax Flower

We have a limited inventory of these in stock since they’re so new – so grab yours FREE today during our exclusive 4 DAY SALE!


Meet the new $10 WATER BOBBLE designed by Karim Rashid

We love stylish, ecofriendly, functional, durable, high quality products… and these new WATER BOBBLES fit the description perfectly. Just introduced and featured in this month’s “O” magazine (leave it to Oprah to tell the world about all the best products!), we’ve fallen in love with reusable water bottles… uh, bobbles…. all over again.

Water Bobble

Brand new Water Bobble reusable water bottles designed by Karim Rashid at


The best parts about the Water Bobble? That’s easy:

1. BPA Free and made from 100% recycled plastic, which means at the end of their useful life, they can be recycled again… genius

2. 100% MADE IN THE USA water bottle – this alone is extremely hard (if not impossible) to find in a reusable water bottle of any kind these days

3. A stylish curvy design that makes it easy to hold, carry, and the perfect size for most thirsts

4. Feature a carbon filter inside which works for 300 refills to filter out toxins in the water, and make plain old city tap water actually taste good… which means you’ll drink more and be healthier, and save money as compared to buying nasty disposable water bottles for $1 each+ and tossing the bottles in the landfill afterwards.

5. They are priced at a very affordable $10 (for our 4 day sale – and $12 each afterwards… always with free shipping)

6. Available in 6 different colors, and since the colored part is the filter, if you get tired of the color you picked, the next time you replace your filter, just pick a different color – a great way to add variety!

If you need any more reasons to fall in love with the Water Bobble like we have, just give us a call toll free at 1-877-363-4801, or browse the site:  We love to talk about our Bobbles! If the Water Bobble isn’t your thing and you prefer aluminum water bottles or stainless reusable water bottles, we have oodles of those to pick from, too!