Easy Way To Go Green: Earth Hour 2010

While we strongly believe that it’s important to take daily steps to go green a little more with each passing day, events like tonight’s Earth Hour help to promote the concept on a worldwide scale. The premise is simple – around the world, at 8:30 pm local time tonight, turn your lights out to help support the cause of conserving Mother Nature’s resources. Whether at work or home, malls or restaurants, many areas will observe this green event by using candlelight rather than electricity, and turning off televisions, computers, appliances, radios, etc… for a one hour period. Use it as a time to reconnect with family by reading stories by candlelight, singing songs around a campfire, or just enjoying the relaxation of the darkness to catch a few extra winks of sleep.

If you want other easy ways to go green beyond Earth Hour, try these:

1. Buy a set of reusable shopping bags and keep them in your vehicle, pocket or purse so you always have them handy when needed at the store. Skip the cheap wasteful disposable plastic or paper bags the store provides and bring your own bags every time you shop.

2. Invest in a high quality stainless water bottle in lieu of buying cases of bottled water and tossing the plastic bottles after use. Many people believe they are green by refilling those plastic bottles, however there are health hazards which have been identified in recent surveys, including exposure to BPA, as well as bacterial issues. Using a durable stainless steel water bottle for water or other liquids and carrying it with you means you won’t need to pay for free tap water, you’ll have control of cleaning your own bottle and you’re more likely to drink lots more liquids each day, increasing your health at the same time.

3. Purchase energy efficient appliances and be aware of which gadgets suck the most energy in your home. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use.

4. Keep your fridge and freezer stocked to maintain the most energy efficient use.

5. Walk or bike whenever possible to conserve on gas, and when you do need to drive, plan your trips ahead of time to run multiple errands at the same time. It will save you time and money.

These are just a few simple ways you can go green in 2010 and beyond. Start here and you’ll be back looking for more advanced green tips before you know it.

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