Introducing Tray 6 Bags & Umbrellas

We love stylish & functional reusable bags, and we’re happy to announce the addition of a few TRAY 6 reusable bags.

Very stylish in a variety of designs (grass green, red bird, sprig basil and more), they roll up tiny and snap shut, allowing you to easily carry them in your purse or pocket, yet have a roomy and fashionable bag for shopping at the mall or market.

If you’re a fashion snob who loves to have her accessories match (who doesn’t?), also check out our TRAY 6 Grass Green Umbrella, a durable every day staple for those rainy parts of the country. It won’t leave you soaked like other cheap umbrellas. Good price. Great quality. Don’t forget the TRAY 6 Grass Green Reusable Bag to match – you can even use the bag to carry your umbrella! Tray6 Grass Green UmbrellaTray6 Grass Green Reusable Bag Shopper

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