Adios to Mr Yuck in Our Home!

If you grew up in the 60s and 70s, you remember well Mr Yuck, the little green “blllluuucckkk” sticker moms would put on everything in the medicine cabinet and cleaning supplies which could hurt children who touch them. Kids were taught if it had a Mr Yuck sticker on it, you NEVER touch it, and it gave moms peace of mind (to a point).

Mr Yuck Sticker from the 70s

Mr Yuck Sticker from the 70s

Welcome to an era decades later where we’ve learned that the BEST solution is to get rid of Mr Yuck AND everything in your home that would have needed that sticker back then. Here’s a radical idea… using household cleaners that use SAFE and NONTOXIC ingredients… but still WORK and get surfaces sparkling clean with the same or less amount of elbow grease as the nasty stuff.

We’ve tested many types of so-called “ecofriendly” and “green” cleaners and it’s sad to say that many simply don’t work well and your home doesn’t get much cleaner, although your wallet empties quickly buying many of these.

There were a few exceptions however, and we want to introduce you to our new FAVORITE ECO CLEANING SET for your home.

Better Life Cleaning Set

Better Life Cleaning Set

This set by Better Life (developed by 2 dads, one who is a super smart scientist who developed the product and KNOWS what is safe and what isn’t) includes:

1) Better Life See Clearly – our fave new window washer that dries super quick, leaves no streaks, and works swell on not only windows, but mirrors, stainless (yes, stainless) kitchen appliances, auto glass and much more;

2) Better Life Kitchen Sink – a great cleanser to replace those nasty powder or bleach infused formulas that smell so strongly you have to wear a mask to use them… great on tubs, sinks, tile, grout, etc… ; and

3) Better Life Whatever – for just that, whatever else you need to clean! You name the surface and it will get it clean. The only scented one is the Whatever and it has a fresh sage scent, made from pure essential oils, no nasty dyes or perfumes.

All natural ingredients mean you can feel safe that these cleaners work great and bring no chemicals into your homes. Check out our description page for the BETTER LIFE CLEANING SET for more details about each. These make a great ecofriendly gift for the person who has everything else and would love to be introduced to a new brand they’ll be loyal to forever. Go ahead, buy a set, try it, and let us know your thoughts! We’re sure you’ll agree with us.

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