Monthly Archives: July 2009

Check Out Our Eco Garden Chick!

Since we love all things eco, it only makes sense that we have our very own Bright & Bold Eco Garden where we try out green concepts like composting, biodegradable starter seed pots, root growing and more…

Hen and Chick Eco Garden Plant

We wanted to share a photo of a fun Hen-and-Chick plant that seems to be reaching toward the stars more each day! We’ve had the desert-loving hen-and-chick plants before, but seeing the stem on this one grow taller and taller (it’s now at 16″ high) made us stand up and take notice – especially when it erupted in beautiful spiky pink blooms last week – it’s own version of fireworks!

Have any fun & unusual plants in your eco garden? Leave a comment and share the photos with us! In the meantime, check out our snazzy garden tools set  with matching reusable water bottle to be uber eco-stylish when working in your garden!


Reusable Baggies Save Money & Waste

Fresh Snack Pack Reusable Snack Bags

If you’ve already made the move to reusable bags  for shopping trips, and eco produce bags for your fruits & veggies, you may be forgetting another kind of disposable bag you’re probably using daily – the baggie. If you take a lunch to work or school (or pack one for every member of your family), you know most people simply toss them when done rather than reusing them. This causes a lot of wasted money & extra garbage in the landfill.

Let us introduce you to the Fresh Snack Pack Reusable Snack Bags, available in snack or sandwich sizes… these are handy reusable nontoxic EVA baggies which are easy to clean (just rinse & air dry), compact to store, and fold out to include a built-in placemat so you can always be assured you’re eating on a clean surface (hello cafeteria tables!)

Available individually or in a set of 3, these Fresh Snack Pack Reusable Snack Bags last our customers for months and years (depending on frequency of use) and save them lots of money as compared to buying sandwich bags they toss daily. Plus, it makes you feel good to know you’re not adding more garbage to the landfills. For every family of 4 who replaces their baggies with these sets, you’re saving an average of 2080 baggies PER YEAR!