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How To Clean A Reusable Bottle

SIGG Bottle Cleaning BrushWe have many customers ask the question “What is the BEST way to clean my stainless reusable bottle  I just bought?”

Here is our recommendation for cleaning reusable water bottles, whether stainless or coated aluminum:

1. DO NOT use a dishwasher. The temperature is too hot & the water pressure is too high. The combination will weaken seams (causing small leaks down the road) & wear away at the nontoxic outer color and/or bottle design. Also, DO NOT use dishsoap as many brands will leave a soapy tasty residue in your bottle which is difficult to remove.


2. DO hand wash the reusable bottle to maximize life. Simply fill the bottle with clean lukewarm water and either a teaspoon of baking soda OR a few drops of vinegar. Put your thumb over the mouth of the bottle and shake for 10 seconds. Rinse the bottle out with clear water several times. Let the bottle air dry.

3. If you drink sticky liquids from your bottle (i.e. soda, juice or sugared drinks) and need to clean the crevices and seams well, buy a bottle cleaning brush (be sure to purchase a set with large & small brushes so you can reach into both the bottle as well as clean the crevices of the sport cap with the small brush). It’s best to fill the bottle 1/3 way with water and use the brush, then do step #2 above and rinse. This will assure all gook you remove with the brush is sanitized and washed away.

Although it seems time consuming, once you get the hang of it, cleaning your reusable bottle will only take seconds each day, and it will ensure a sanitized, healthy vessel to carry your liquids in. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

We now offer over 80 different styles of stainless & aluminum reusable bottles with various sizes & designs to fit every need. We carry reusable bottle brands including SIGG, EarthLust, Klean Kanteen, Green Bottle, EcoUsable, EcoFusion, Safe Sippy and Wild & Wolf.


Envirosax Sale

We’re having a special June & July Envirosax Sale where you can get any pouch for $34.95 with FREE Shipping! Simply enter the coupon code SAVETHREE to take $3 off your order total at checkout. If you are purchasing more than one pouch, check out the Envirosax page of our website at: for coupons of 5%, 10% or 15% off Envirosax with Free Shipping!

Envirosax Planet Green

No More Spoiled Fruit For This Girl!

Extra Life Produce Preserver Disks from

Extra Life Produce Preserver Disks from

You know how it goes, you’re grocery shopping at the store and they have some Beeeee-utiful fruits and veggies that look so good you feel guilty about eating them. Great produce prices and before you know it, your cart is stocked full of a colorful array of apples, grapes, peaches, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and more…

A few days later you go into your fridge to grab a juicy apple and WOW! They no longer look nearly as fresh, in fact much of the produce is rotting in front of your eyes. A few black spots on the lettuce head, bruising on the apples and mushiness in the grapes bag. Now you can see all of your produce savings going right into the garbage can and you say NEVER AGAIN to stocking up on fruit…… that is, until the next week when you’re in the grocery store and those same beautiful apples call your name. Over and over this scenario repeats itself and you end up tossing hundreds of dollars each year and wasting perfectly good food.

We’re SUPER excited to introduce a solution we’ve tried personally and fallen in LOVE with… our new Extra Life Produce Preserver Disks. A little green disk with an active (nontoxic and healthy) ingredient inside which slips into your crisper bins in the fridge and they TRAP & NEUTRALIZE the excess ethylene gas produced by your fruits and veggies as they ripen. This slows down the ripening process and allows you to DOUBLE THE LIFE OF YOUR PRODUCE!

The active ingredient in these disks, zeolite & potassium permanganate has been used by grocery produce managers for years to help control the ripening process of fruits, but now its available in smaller disks for your fridge at home! Each disk lasts for 3 months in your fridge and you’ll see right away how much longer your fruits & veggies stay fresh and edible… saving you lots of wasted food and wasted $$$.

Find out more details and order your Extra Life Produce Preserver Disks today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on them (and your entire order!)

Reusable Bags Comparison

Since we have researched & tested many ecofriendly reusable bags before offering the best to our customers, we get many requests to let readers know the differences between reusable bags including Envirosax, RuMe, Chico, EnV bags and others.

This Reusable Bags Comparison of the 4 brands mentioned above is sorted by basic bag characteristics:

Material – all 4 bags use a similar polyester material (feels like an umbrella). The polyester may not be as ecofriendly as a cotton tote, however it is much easier to keep clean, compact and lighterweight. All of these benefits mean you will actually USE your bag more, rather than letting it home in a drawer while you continue to accept “paper or plastic” at the stores daily. That being said, the thickness of the RuMe bag material is slightly more than the others (some like this thickness, others feel it makes them more bulky)

Weight – The Envirosax & RuMe bags consistently hold the most weight and are the most durable bags. You can easily carry 40+ lbs of weight per bag for either brand. The EnV bags come in 3rd here as they hold 30+ lbs however we have heard feedback the seams are not quite as sturdy as the Envirosax or RuMe bags. The Chico bags are smaller and seem a little flimsier so they will hold 25 lbs of weight per bag.

Storage – The Envirosax bags each roll up and snap shut into a compact little nugget about the size of a tube of lipstick, and 5 bags store in a little included wristlet pouch which is about the size of a small brick (albeit MUCH lighter and HANDIER!).  The RuMe bags don’t have snaps, but they rely on a velcro closure and rather than rolling them shut you fold them and you can stack 3 RuMe bags together and wrap the velcro around them for carrying them. The stack is slightly smaller than the Envirosax pouch (however you only get 3 bags as compared with the 5 in Envirosax). The Chico bags individually have attached pouches they stuff back into. Handy if you’re just taking 1 bag, bulky if you need multiples. The EnV bags do not have any closure to keep them closed, you simply fold them and put all 5 folded bags back into an included drawstring pouch (similar in size to Envirosax pouch, but more square).

Clean/Care – As with all reusable bags, you can machine wash them, however you will extend the life of your bags considerably if you simply wipe with a damp cloth as necessary and handwash periodically (honestly, they really don’t get that dirty in daily use) and hang to dry. The reason you want to avoid machine washing is that the power and heat of the washer will weaken the seams & fabrics and fade the designs eventually with any brands.  It is a quick few minutes to give your bags the care they require to last indefinitely!

Designs – This is based on personal preference, however the Envirosax brand has the most variety in designs, as well as offering both solids & patterned styles. RuMe also offers both (fewer design choices), Chico only offers solid colors, albeit many to pick from, and EnV offers patterns only with several different styles to pick from.

Style – The Envirosax, EnV and Chico bags are all most similar in design to a plastic bag in that they lay flat until you put items into them. The RuMe bag offers gussetted sides and bottom more like a typical paper bag, so they have a little more structure to stand on their own as you fill them.

Where are they made? – All of the reusable bag brands listed are actually made overseas (China or Vietnam), however all state they are manufactured in Fair Trade factories. Envirosax are designed in Australia; Chico, EnV and RuMe Bags are all designed in the US.

Based on years of selling reusable bags to customers, we provide the following recommendations:

 – If you’re looking for multiple bags and use them mostly for grocery or mall shopping, the Envirosax offer the best value, most designs and highest fashion style rating.

 – If you’re looking for one or two bags and use them for hiking/camping/active pursuits/gym use, the Chico bag is probably your best bet as it includes a carabiner to easily latch to a belt loop or backpack, and solid colors work well as fashion isn’t of highest importance in these types of pursuits. 

 – If you’re looking for bags with gussetted sides and super compact carrying size is not as important to you, the RuMe bags will be your best option.

 – If you’re looking for multiple bags but don’t want to deal with rerolling, detailed refolding or restuffing them at all, the EnV bags will be a good option as they are easy to do a few quick folds and put back into the pouch, or keep them loose and individual for quick use.