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Sex and the City Star Goes GREEN!

At, we think it’s always great to see celebrities setting a good example in their daily lives, but when we saw this shot of Cynthia Nixon using one of the Envirosax Retro reusable bags, we were tickled pink (er gray with orange checks, that is)!

Cynthia Nixon with Envirosax Retro Reusable Bag

Cynthia Nixon with Envirosax Retro Reusable Bag

If you’d like to make a move to go green, check out our huge selection of Envirosax Reusable Bags and select the style or styles which best fit your personality! Use an envirosax coupon to buy a bunch and give them as ecofriendly Christmas presents this year… great gift ideas for colleagues, friends, family and teachers… help make the world a little greener.


Ditch The Plastic For Good!

We love reusable bags…period. They save hundreds and even thousands of bags from going into the landfill every year for EACH person who uses them! Whether you prefer Envirosax, RuMe Bags, EnV Bags, Chico Bags or others… you’re helping the environment by saying NO to plastic and paper. When you’re grocery shopping, you also use flimsy plastic bags for buying fruits and veggies, and those have negative environmental impacts as well.

Reusable Eco Produce Bags from

Reusable Eco Produce Bags from

With our innovative new Eco Produce Bags, you can stop using plastic altogether.  The set of 4 reusable eco produce bags includes 2 netted bags and 2 organic cotton bags. Both have drawstring tops and can easily be washed and dried. Each holds a considerable amount of produce as shown in the photo, and the organic cotton bags also work well for nuts, grains, rice and cereals. At less than $19 per set, these Eco Produce Bags make a great gift for the gourmet shopper on your list, and superb hostess gifts for holiday parties.

Help the earth and stop using plastic!

Gadgets + Toys = Fun!

There are certain toys every child of an era seems to have played with, whether Hot Wheels,  Cabbage Patch Kids, or simple marble games. When we grow up, we tend to leave the toys and games behind us for more serious and pressing matters which need our attention. Our gadgets become grown-up, too. But, who says we need to leave behind the fun of childhood once we’ve passed our summer vacation years?

Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive

Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive now introduces an adult gadget combined with the design of pure childhood fun – the Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive. We all built towers of glory with multicolored plastic lego pieces of all shapes and colors. In this design, a lego-style piece is used to house a 1 GB USB Flash Drive Stick. Fun for the office, school or home, it works like a charm and makes a fun conversation piece. A unique office gadget for a coworker, or a trendy gift for a grad off to school. Available in black, red or pink, this Lego Style 1 GB USB Flash Drive would make a great stocking stuffer this year. (NOTE: This item is not made by or affiliated with Lego Brand)

To read more about it, visit:

Introducing Envirosax Botanica!

We’ve grown to love the Envirosax brand of reusable bags, and each new style they design seems better than the last. Just in time for the holidays, they’ve introduced the newest in the graphic series… Envirosax Botanica.

Envirosax Botanica from

Envirosax Botanica from

Envirosax Botanica are a tribute to sustaining the rainforests around the world, educating people about the importance of the rainforests in the lifecycle process, and simply enjoying the raw beauty of nature itself.

Botanica features leaf and tree designs in shades of greens, with blue and gray accents, the set includes 5 bags and each bag holds over 40 pounds, or the equivalent of two plastic grocery bags. A great way to save the planet and go green, buying reusable bags allows you to save hundreds of plastic bags from the landfill every year.

Order your set of Envirosax Botanica today at and get Free Priority Shipping! For Envirosax Coupons, visit

Stapler That Needs No Staples? How Green!

The best part about people recognizing the need to be more conscious of the footprint they leave behind (other than saving the world, obviously), is the innovative products and ideas which are coming from this newly heightened awareness of how our actions directly impact the world around us. Whoever thought you could power a vehicle by pouring in used french fry oil? Power entire cities just by harnessing the movement of a windmill? Eliminate miles of waste by simply reusing bags instead of getting new ones everywhere?

Staple-Free Stapler from

Staple-Free Stapler from

Part of the 3 R’s we hear so much about (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), is reducing the amount of “things” we use, and even though staples may seem like a small “thing” to reduce, why not? We have to begin somewhere, right? Now a new and innovatively designed Staple-Free Stapler has been introduced, which utilizes a snip-and-tuck design so it needs no staples, it simply uses the little tab it cuts in the paper to fold it back upon itself to securely hold up to 5 pieces of paper together. For typical offices, 70% of the time, you end up stapling a few sheets, so this is a perfect cost-saving AND waste-saving solution. And the added benefit? No more poking yourself with errant staples or stepping on the ones you’ve dropped on the floor.

Verdict: We LOVE it, and it’s now available at! The Staple-Free Stapler is available in 3 colors: silver, black or blue, it is less than $10 and a great stocking stuffer for the gadget lover and eco-friendly person on your list… or yourself!

BPA-Free Sippy Cups: Say Hello To Safety

Over the past year, the topic of Bisphenol-A (BPA) used in plastics, bottles and food containers has confused many. What is safe? What isn’t safe? What happens if I’ve been drinking from these containers for years? Although many tests have been conducted, the results have been questioned, and research continues. In the meantime, several countries have now banned the use of BPAs and millions of consumers are searching for alternatives.

Introducing The Safe Sippy, a BPA-free Stainless Steel Sippy Cup for toddlers and children that is a great alternative to plastic. Durable in construction, stylish in design, it comes in your choice of 3 colors: pink, green, or blue. Made of stainless steel and #5 safe polypropylene (for the handle and sippy), the handle is removable as the child gets older so the bottle can still be used and not look quite as toddler-ish.

The Safe Sippy Cup

The Safe Sippy Cup

Although there are many BPA-free Bottles on the market for adults, there are few designed for the age between baby bottle and adult version, so keep in mind The Safe Sippy, which passes all federal regulations for safety, and wins a design award in our book!

Election Day 08 Style

The day has finally come for Election 08, the time to choose our next presidential predecessor, so be sure today to GET OUT AND VOTE! Typically, lines at polling places can stretch out during busy periods, and many Americans are allowed time off from work to register their vote. While you’re waiting in those long lines, it’s common to analyze fashion and style of your fellow voters.

Rhinestone Vote Necklace from

Rhinestone Vote Necklace from

This year, our Vote Necklace was a very popular item and don’t be surprised to see a few being worn at your local polling place! If you didn’t get one in time for this election, have no fear, there will always be future elections, and wearing a cute Rhinestone Vote Necklace is sure to make the long lines just melt away!

Rhinestone Vote Necklace features a 16″ long silver chain with adjustable lobster clasp and tilted 1.5″ rhinestone VOTE pendant. Free Shipping included.